Disgorge in a sentence | 99+ Example sentences (2023)

1. The files disgorge a selection of letters, some theatre programmes – looks like Bunty is continuing her interest in that respect at any rate

2. meal and lifted up its back to disgorge its contents

3. The ultimate destination of the big jet was Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam, where it would disgorge 165 American soldiers most of whom would be in combat within days

4. Ambrosius was just about to get up to disgorge his woes onto the barman, when out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of a dark figure entering the drinking den

5. First, just after two heavy gunships will have eliminated the Lae air defenses, all fourteen of my C-142A heavy transport planes will land directly on the Lae airfield forty minutes before dawn and disgorge a full battalion from the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment, along with a squadron of M3 STUART light tanks

6. He was setting foot back on the ground when an armada of low-flying helicopters suddenly jumped over the treetops on the West side, with some of them splitting up from the main group and landing near the West end of the raid and road bridges to disgorge hundreds of American paratroopers

7. Suppose, having years ago got off neatly with the Skeffington swag, she refused to disgorge any of it? Then the second and only remaining string to his bow would come in, and he would appeal to her pity; and if that was no good, seeing that he was of those who can't love if they don't respect, he would have lost her

8. There is no railway nearer than Sassnitz, and the few steamers that stop there disgorge the tourist who wants to get out into a small boat and steam away leaving him to his fate, which is only a nice one on quite calm days

9. But by my faith if you had not come up I'd have made him disgorge his winnings, and he'd have learned what the range of the steel-yard was

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10. No doubt Clyntahn’s analysis rested far more on his prejudices and refusal to disgorge his prize than on logic, but he did have a point

11. Makswyl was as fervent an intendant as a man could wish for, and he’d passed every one of Teagmahn’s requests along to his own superiors, which had brought Clyntahn into repeated conflict with his fellow vicars even before Teagmahn was forced to disgorge Kaitswyrth’s reinforcements

12. Lucent, Mattel, Quaker Oats, and Tyco International are among the companies that have had to disgorge acquisitions at sickening losses

13. Some hawks and owls bolt their prey whole, and after an interval of from twelve to twenty hours, disgorge pellets, which, as I know from experiments made in the Zoological Gardens, include seeds capable of germination

14. Then, sitting on a pitch pine bough, they attempt to swallow in their haste a kernel which is too big for their throats and chokes them; and after great labor they disgorge it, and spend an hour in the endeavor to crack it by repeated blows with their bills

15. At times, when closely pursued, he will disgorge what are supposed to be the detached arms of the squid; some of them thus exhibited exceeding twenty and thirty feet in length

16. But, sir, do these people really believe the property of our citizens will be given up after the second of February, and in consequence of the measure we are now about to adopt? When did that voracious monster ever disgorge the plunder he had once received into his insatiable maw? Of the millions upon millions of which he has, at different times, and under various pretexts, plundered our unsuspecting citizens, where is the instance of a single dollar returning to its rightful owner? No, sir, let it once get within his iron grasp, and it is lost forever

1. Then immediately spread the lever poles to grasp the captured soil, returned to the initial posture---but now with their hands wide apart instead of together---pivoted on one foot, disgorged the captured soil, pivoted back on the same foot and repeated the process

2. Then Nicholls rode up and generously disgorged his saddle-bag's

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3. A minute later the same ambulance Fee had seen in the city arrived and disgorged two more men in white coats who removed a gurney from the back and wheeled it and its occupant up the steps and through the main entrance

4. Ten minutes later a four-wheel-drive charged up, parked beside Farzdbuk‘s car and disgorged two men in jeans and t-shirts

5. In a matter of minutes the pipe disgorged its toxic contents into the pristine waters of Wightport bay

6. opened and disgorged Chris and Ruth, Steve and Mary who rushed up to the

7. He repeated his warning, and soon the cabin disgorged its occupants—an old woman, two young women and four children

8. After completing its journey, the miniature river disgorged its waters over the last ornate waterfall, down through an opening through the transparent floor to a pool below

9. MacArthur’s staff car soon stopped in front of them and their planes, with an aide opening the rear door for his commander while the convoy of civilian cars disgorged an army of press photographers and cameramen that ran to form a half circle in front of Jesus and Ingrid

10. She was nearing the bottom when a minibus pulled in to the side of the road and disgorged a bunch of uniformed schoolchildren, chattering excitedly as they were shepherded down the path to the town by two harassed-looking teachers

11. The public security officers guarding the residence of Governor Watts had little warning before six armored air troop carriers of the Terran Internal Security Forces landed around the building and disgorged dozens of heavily armed troopers

12. The servants’ stairs disgorged them onto a landing

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13. As Uncle Peter told her about them, Scarlett felt that Atlanta must be a city of the wounded, for there were general hospitals, just below Five Points disgorged more sick and more wounded

14. --The attendant has just been to see me to say that Renfield has been very sick and has disgorged a whole lot of feathers

15. Then my brother's attention was distracted by a bearded, eagle-faced man lugging a small handbag, which split even as my brother's eyes rested on it and disgorged a mass of sovereigns that seemed to break up into separate coins as it struck the ground

1. When the capital stock of any country is increased to such a degree that it cannot be all employed in supplying the consumption, and supporting the productive labour of that particular country, the surplus part of it naturally disgorges itself into the carrying trade, and is employed in performing the same offices to other countries

2. The blood, of which the circulation is stopt in some of the smaller vessels, easily disgorges itself into the greater, without occasioning any dangerous disorder; but, when it is stopt in any of the greater vessels, convulsions, apoplexy, or death, are the immediate and unavoidable consequences

1. Boats that had lurched down the overflowing rivers rushed to where they could come to ground disgorging people who ran, as for their life, toward anything higher than where they were

2. excited by the disgorging of magma at Yellowstone

3. The town also was rapidly disgorging many of its residents as those, who had earlier been convinced of the real urgency, trudged steadily toward the multitude now milling around in its impatience to get started

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4. The town also was rapidly disgorging many of its residents as those, who had earlier been

5. After disgorging its cargo, the transport ship that had been treated to a wild goose chase by Buddy and Daisy was sent away with instructions to report to New St

6. Morita chose to use a sliding subway car door next to that used by Laplante once the train showed up in the station and stopped, disgorging a crowd of humanity

7. � The German truck that they had captured along with the half-track also stopped behind the shrubs, disgorging the commandos it carried

8. Less than three seconds after that, the gray Volvo station wagon arrived on the scene and, after embracing quickly the situation, also screeched to a halt, this time ten yards behind the Iranians’ car, disgorging three more Mossad agents

9. Her fears materialized ten minutes later, when four big armored carriers came rolling to the destroyed checkpoint and started disgorging dozens of ISF soldiers

10. The helicopters landed nearly simultaneously, the rear line fifty meters behind the first one and with approximately sixty meters between helicopters of the same line, then lowered their rear cargo ramps, disgorging hundreds of Australian soldiers

11. Some hovered inches above the ground, disgorging Warriors and Guardians, each clutching packages, which they carried into the ship

12. A squadron of Warrior ships hovered close to the ground, disgorging scores of Warriors who raced towards the city

13. Escrocevitch in his early years, when he used to wander among the Polish fairs, swallowing burning flax for the delectation of the public and disgorging endless yards of ribbon and paper

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What are the sentence examples? ›

A combination or group of words that gives a complete meaning, thought or idea is called a sentence. Example. I am eating an apple. The above combination of words gives us a complete meaning or idea.

What is the meaning of Disgorgement? ›

Disgorgement is a remedy requiring a party who profits from illegal or wrongful acts to give up any profits they made as a result of that illegal or wrongful conduct. The purpose of this remedy is to prevent unjust enrichment and make illegal conduct unprofitable.

What part of speech is disgorge? ›

verb (used without object), dis·gorged, dis·gorg·ing. to eject, yield, or discharge something.

What are 5 sentences examples? ›

5 sentences:
  • My mom taught me to finish everything on my plate at dinner.
  • The only problem with a pencil, is that they do not stay sharp long enough.
  • Our school building is made of bricks.
  • Every night I get woken up by the sound of a barking dog across the street.
  • Salad is for rabbits.

What is an example of disgorgement? ›

Example of Disgorgement

In this case, the SEC sued Charles Kokesh, stating that he violated securities law by “misappropriating funds” from a number of businesses. The court ruled in the SEC's favor. Kokesh appealed the ruling, stating that the charges were brought more than five years after the accrual of the claims.

What is the synonym of disgorge? ›

Definitions of disgorge. verb. eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth. synonyms: barf, be sick, chuck, regurgitate, throw up, vomit, vomit up.

Is disgorgement a damage? ›

Disgorgement is an equitable remedy used to prevent unjust enrichment by requiring a defendant to give up any profits it made as a result of illegal or wrongful acts. Disgorgement does not require that the plaintiff have suffered any damages at all.

How is champagne disgorged? ›

Disgorging, or the French term Dégorgement is the final step in this time-honored process. In this step, the yeast used to create the delicate bubbles is expelled from from the bottle. The inverted bottles are placed in a freezing liquid which causes the yeast to freeze in the neck of the bottle.

What is the meaning of disgorge in Oxford English Dictionary? ›

​disgorge something to pour something out in large quantities.

What is a 50 word sentence? ›

How Many Sentences Is 50 Words? 50 words is about 2-4 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

What are 10 good sentences? ›

Good sentence example
  • It felt so good to be home. 1136. ...
  • You have a good family. 745. ...
  • She is such a good seamstress. 684. ...
  • It was a good thing they were going home tomorrow. ...
  • It was all just good clean fun. ...
  • It meant a good deal to him to secure a home like this. ...
  • It would do no good to ask him why. ...
  • He had done one good deed.

What is a simple sentence with the word category? ›

Example Sentences

The cars belong to the same category. Taxpayers fall into one of several categories. She competed for the award in her age category.

What is a sentence for Grade 3? ›

A group of words that makes complete sense is called a sentence. A complete sentence expresses a complete thought.

What is a sentence Grade 5? ›

A sentence is a group of words that forms a complete thought. It has both a subject and a verb. My friends walk along the path. A sentence fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought.

How do you get disgorgement? ›

Disgorgement is most commonly awarded where the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant is a fiduciary relationship. Court may also order disgorgement in common law claims where other types of damages are inadequate.

What is a disgorging date? ›

The date marks the end of the production cycle.

You can typically find the date of disgorgement stamped on the back label of a wine bottle. This date refers to when the wine completed its production cycle.

Who receives disgorgement? ›

Disgorgement is a penalty given to wrongdoers with the aim of providing a remedy to the victim. It is the repayment of money of profits made from illegal businesses and unethical transactions. The Securities Law in the U.S also has provision for disgorgement.

What is another word for deconstruct? ›

interpret, dismantle, dissect, decipher, decode, disentangle, explicate, gloss, unravel.

Which is the closest synonym for the word dislodge? ›

synonyms for dislodge
  • displace.
  • eject.
  • evict.
  • extricate.
  • force out.
  • oust.
  • remove.
  • uproot.

What is the synonym of expunge? ›

verbdo away with or put an end to. abate. abrogate. annihilate. annul.

What happens after disgorgement? ›

However, during the disgorgment process, a small amount of oxygen inevitably enters the bottle. After disgorgement, due to the oxygen that entered the bottle during disgorgement and the oxygen that continues to enter through the cork, the champagne begins the slow ageing process.

What is disgorgement in criminal law? ›

Where a person is forced to give back any profit he has made or money he has received either illegally or unethically at the expense of another. Disgorgement prevents unjust enrichment (where one party profits financially in a way which is unfair to another).

What is the difference between disgorgement and lost profits? ›

The purpose of “lost profits” is to compensate the plaintiff for its losses. In contrast, disgorgement requires a defendant to give up all profits it has made as a result of illegal or wrongful acts, regardless of the actual loss incurred by the plaintiff.

How do you actually say champagne? ›

The original pronunciation for the word “champagne” is actually SHAH-M-PAHN-YUH.

What does disgorged mean on a bottle of wine? ›

What Does Disgorging Mean? In sparkling wine and champagne production disgorging is the process by which excess yeast or “yeast lees” are removed from the bottle before the cork is inserted.

Is Prosecco disgorged? ›

Prosecco produced by the classical method can be sold either disgorged or still on the lees. In the latter case, the bottles bear the designation col fondo—with the lees. Spumante is generally bottled at a pressure of 3.5 bars, while frizzante is bottled at 2.5 bars.

What does disgorged mean on a champagne bottle? ›

Champagne Disgorgement, in simple terms, is the removal of dead yeast cells from a bottle before a new cork is added and is one of the key processes in the production of Champagne.

What is the incorrect word in the dictionary? ›

1. Riddle: What word is spelled wrong in the dictionary? Answer: Wrong.

What does diazo mean in English? ›

diazo. adjective. di·​azo dī-ˈaz-(ˌ)ō : relating to or containing the group N2 composed of two nitrogen atoms united to a single carbon atom of an organic radical. : relating to or containing diazonium.

What is the meaning of distinction in Oxford dictionary? ›

distinction nouna clear difference or contrast, especially between two things that are similar or related. clear, sharp. subtle.

What are the 7 types of sentences? ›

Answer: There are 8-types of sentences on the basis of function and structure are Declarative Sentence, Interrogative Sentence, Exclamatory Sentence, Imperative Sentence, Simple sentence, Compound Sentence, Complex sentence, and Compound -Complex sentence.

Is a 25 word sentence long? ›

Fairly difficult (Medium long sentence length): 21-25 words. Difficult (Long sentence length) : 25-30 words.

What are the 12 type of sentences? ›

Explore Other Popular Articles
  • Complex Sentences.
  • Compound Sentences.
  • Declarative Sentences.
  • Exclamatory Sentences.
  • Imperative Sentences.
  • Interrogative Sentences.
  • Sentence Structure.
  • Simple Sentences.

How is a sentence made? ›

A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order. He (subject) obtained (verb) his degree (object).

What are 5 types of sentence structure? ›

Sentence Structure and Types of Sentences. Run-On Sentences and Sentence Fragments. Parallel Construction. Relative, Restrictive, and Nonrestrictive Clauses.

What is a sentence Grade 4? ›

A sentence is a group of words that forms a complete thought. It has both a subject and a verb. My friends walk along the path. A sentence fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought.

What is a simple sentence 4th grade? ›

A simple sentence is a sentence with only one subject and predicate. The pitcher threw the ball to first base. A compound sentence is two simple sentences joined by a comma and a conjunction such as and, but, or, or so.

What are the Grade 4 types of sentences? ›

Explain to students there are four different types of sentences: declarative, interrogative,imperative, and exclamatory.

What is a 100 word sentence? ›

How Many Sentences Is 100 Words? 100 words is about 5-7 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

What is a sentence for Grade 2? ›

️ A sentence is a group of words that tells a whole story. We call it a complete thought.


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