Hobbyking Pitts Special EPO Plug-n-Fly BL (2023)

Hobbyking Pitts Special EPO Plug-n-Fly BL

Hobbyking Pitts Special EPO Plug-n-Fly BL (1)

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Hobbyking Pitts Special EPO Plug-n-Fly BL (2)

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Product Description

Our new HobbyKing Pitts Special is the hottest new EPO creation designed and built just for HobbyKing.com customers!

The Pitts Special's quality design and excellent flight characteristics are the result of 6 months of design and testing. A lightened tail, carefully chosen power train combination and battery location as well as the useof 4 aileron's and strong EPO construction make for an excellent flying and long lasting plane.
You won't find any plastic ice-cream-container cowling here. The entire fuselage is moulded from crash resistant EPO as well as the wheel pants and tail pieces.
As you would imagine, the Pitts with it's 4 ailerons has an incredible roll rate and with it's brushless outrunner motor can perform almost any aerobatic maneuver. Alot of attention was given to ensuring the tail of the pitts was lightso a smaller and lighter power system could be used, giving the Pitts Special that trademark slow flyby ability!
You will need around 30 minutes to assemble the Pitts Special. No special tools or glue are required.

Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

Required Items;
-800~1000mAh 3S 15C Lipoly

3 9gram Servos
Brushless ESC
Brushless Outrunner
All hardware.

Wingspan: 600mm
Length: 580mm
Flying Weight: 325g (without battery)

(Video) HK Pitts Special - Onboard Camera [1]

Static bench tests;
1,000mAh 3S 20C TURNIGY battery with standard propeller (0705) draws around 8.5A (92W) for roughly 10 minutes. Both esc and motor were warm at the end of the test.
We advise customers to use a 3S 800mAh or 1,000mAh battery.

Product Specifications


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1stAidan | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

May 02, 2013

The plane arrived packaged extremely well. Whoever shipped this plane should get a raise. Despite having no instructions, the assembly was quite simple. Taking my time, and a few breaks, it took about 90 minutes to put together. There are three sizes of small screws with the kit. The short screws are used on the fuselage wing struts, the mid-length are used on the outboard wing struts, and the longest are used on the rudder servo horn. There is one larger diameter screw which is to be used to attach the upper wing to the fuselage strut- I did not use this one, as it was too short. The one threaded bolt is for attaching the lower wing/landing gear.

There is more than enough room inside the fuselage for normal receiver and even a gyro if you so chose. I may add one in the future.

The decals are very pliable, and easy to install. The adhesive seems to hold rather well. I was worried that the decals may peel, but I don't think these will.

The foam is very smooth, and somewhat shiny. It would look nice painted if one opted not to use the decals. Though, the rudder and elevator are semi-hollow molded, and would need to be filled. A thin foam sheet would suffice.

17 grams added to the cowl just below the motor to balance.

This plane is very powerful- enough to hover, and capable of decent speed. It will also float along at a near standstill. The supplied prop was perfectly bal

gpr4505 | Verified Buyer

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    (Video) Hobbyking Mini Pitts
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Customer Rated

Mar 03, 2013

The lack of any hints did cause some headaches, set balance to trailing edge of front wing with recommended hardware & a 1000 3S battery. Will fly when weather and schedule permit. Did taxi to lift off in my cluttered drive way and see no red flags yet. Built using my lap top as a visual guide and saved a lot of time. With no inventory or pictorial did not discover that the relay rods for the ailerons were missing and that the builder put the aileron servo in backwards. when it matched the pictures works fine. The biggest flaw was the canopy mount, removed at this time until locate a usable pilot figure and then magnets. Can just see it floating down into a compost heap where we fly. Glue on canopies is usually a dissaster waiting to happen. The graphics went on well and will be easy to remove the the expected mods and repairs. Looks like a good value for the price but would have stayed on the shelf except for being in stock here. Overseas shipping cost and time lag are the pitts.

meomax | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Feb 27, 2013

La qualit costruttiva non delle migliori, anche se per questo prezzo ottimo, il primo volo stato perfetto, dopo aver apportato delle piccole correzioni ai carrelli che erano leggermente storti. In definitiva un buon prodotto per quello che costa.

colinpearce90 | Verified Buyer

Customer Rated

Jan 06, 2013

this little plane represents excellent value for money. It went together quickly and easily and built into a great looking little aeroplane. It is worth noting i have made a few adjustments after its first flight, i have added a small amount of carbon strip to the ailerons this has firmed them up and as such the difference in response is amazing. The only other thing was that the model required a good amount of down thrust to allow it to be trimmed out true.

blankrobber | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Nov 02, 2012

DO NOT waste your money on this one. A complete aerodynamic nightmare! will not fly. Try all the mods recommended in the forums and you might as well buy the larger Pitts.

(Video) HK Pitts Special - Onboard Camera : Test 2

| Verified Buyer

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Certified Buyer Rated

Sep 09, 2012

Lovely little Plane!easy to fly swell!

__Rudi | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 30, 2012

I maidened the Pitts and mentioned some bad behavior.
1. On 3S not realy enough motorpower
2. Not enough down thrust and AoA of the upper wing is to much
3. Aileron movement not enough.
I fixed point 2 and 3 , now the Mini Pitts flies much easier. Next step is to change the motor, than I am sure that this Parkflyer will be a real floater in my hangar.

ben | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Aug 14, 2012

received mine the other day, no instructions. It wasn't too hard to figure out however, can anyone tell me how the preinstalled tail wheel with hing and the rudder fit together, nothing seems to line up. And where is the COG, some say the leading edge of the bottom wing others say the wing spar, which do you suggest and when you say wing spar which part ?

FERNANDO | Verified Buyer

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    (Video) Blanik Glider - HobbyKing Daily

Customer Rated

Jul 13, 2012

Very realistic flight!!!, very nice construction and low weight to fly!
Pre build ok and plug the battery to fly.
I flew 15 minutes with lipo 3 cell 1300.
Very good product!!!!

Kevin | Verified Buyer

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Customer Rated

Jan 07, 2012

Well, I got the Pitts and it came well packaged. No damage.It was missing a screw to tighten the wire into one of the aileron attachments.I also had to glue the support struts between the wings because the screws pulled right out of the wings. Not a big deal,it's going to hold together for sure now.Fit and finish isn't bad for such a cheap plane and even without any instructions went together in about 25 minutes. I tested all servos and motor and everything seems to be fine,I'm going to use a 3s 1000mah lipo when I fly it. I hope to maiden it this weekend. Nice back seat,trunk, take anywhere plane for the money.

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