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This paper explores some of the psychological issues that have been expressed for the last twenty years. Additionally, it will also show how the shifts in critical issues have taken place. The paper also contains an analysisof articlesfrom Time Magazine…

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The cover story article talks of Phil and Rita who wasted their lives after indulging in cocaine. The youngsters are depicted to have wasted their humble lives and lost their jobs as they struggled to come clean from the addiction. The cocaine affected their brains to the extent that they could not do anything constructive.The cover story explicates the manner in which human beings should cope with modern pressures. For instance, it informs people not to sweat over small stuff, and in case they cannot fight them; they should flow and not flee.

The article explores how children can cry because of discomfort. However, upon being comforted by their parents; the crying subsides. The writer is out to explore that children, irrespective of their ages understand the comfort and love given by parents.The article talks about private violence that goes on in the United States, yet they are not given the attention that they deserve. Kurt mentions that the private violence entails wife beating, child abuse, and rape.The cover story revolves around the discovery of test-tube babies.

It explores the complex ethical and legal issues that they may arise from this discovery. The article also explores the relief of people living with infertility since their problem is on the fast-track to obtaining a solution.The cover story revolves around a man who has an extra-marital affair with another woman of which they have a child. The man is struggling so hard to keep this affair secret from his wife. The wife already knows about the extramarital family but decides to ignore them. In this story, the writer tries to bring the issue affecting the society in a witty way.

The article talks about the challenges of Angie, a fifteen-year-old girl, who has given birth.

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